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Agreement Reached Not To Inspect Containers Unnecessarily At Customs In Odesa

The heads of various services and agencies have signed a joint order stating that containers passing through the Odessa customs should not be inspected unnecessarily.

CMA CGM To Stop Making Ship Calls At Ilyichevsk Commercial Seaport

Ukrrichflot Begins Coastal Shipping Of Containerized Cargoes

The Ukrrichflot shipping line has begun coastal shipping of containerized cargoes (shipping between ports within the internal waters of Ukraine)

Interview with Brooklyn-Kiev: the Prosecutor's Office is Lobbying for the Interests of our Competitors

In a candid interview with CFTS, Yurii Hubankov, the general director of Brooklyn-Kiev, one of the biggest private stevedoring companies in Ukraine, explains why his company is in the crosshairs of the prosecutor’s office, who is behind it, and the tools for protecting the company’s business in Ukraine

CTI Denies Ilyichevsk Port’s Claims About Transshipment Targets

UAH 73.826 million was transferred to the state-owned Ilyichevsk Commercial Seaport in 2014 and UAH 59.108 million in 2013

Court Terminates Agreement On Joint Operations Between Ilyichevsk Port And CTI

The court's decision has not yet entered into force.

Speed Of Processing Trucks With Containers Increases 2-3 Times In Odessa And Ilyichevsk Ports In 2014

The average time that container trucks spent at the Odessa seaport reduced by 70% to 3 hours

Seaports In Continental Ukraine Increase Cargo Transshipment By 5.1% In January-November

Transshipment of export cargo totaled 93.408 million tons

Gdansk Port Obtains Loan That Will Allow It To Play In World’s Big League

The container terminal at the port of Gdansk (DCT Gdańsk) has received a loan of EUR 290 million for construction of a second deep-water berth

Ukrzaliznytsia Increases Container Transportation By 12.5% In January-September

16,036 containers were transported on the Nikopol-Ilyichevsk-Nikopol route

The Viking Weakens: Why the Cargo Turnover of Ukrzaliznytsia’s Key International Project has Fallen by 40%

The cargo turnover of the Viking container train fell by 40 percent in the first seven months of this year while the cargo turnover of the Zubr train fell by about 60 percent. Why Ukrzaliznytsia’s best-known international transport projects are losing cargoes and how the Ukraine-EU association agreement will affect the market.

Cargoes To Samsung’s Russian Factory Transported From Slovakia On Transit Through Ukraine

The train is expected to be operated 2-3 times per month.

Viking To Transport First Containers To Turkey

"It is necessary to test the route"

Maersk: Container Turnover In Ukraine May Fall 15% In 2014

The current decline in transshipment volume will worsen in the winter because of a shortage of energy in the country.

New Container Terminal At Odessa Port Receives First Vessel

All the government authorizations and certificates necessary to start operation of the terminal have already been obtained.

Seaports In Continental Ukraine Increase Cargo Transshipment By 7.4%

State-owned port operators handled 31.994 million tons or 35.1 percent of the total volume during this period.

Ilyichevsk Port Allows Paperless Handling Of Containers

In accordance with the order No. 156 of the president of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine, the processing of containerized cargo for transportation by trucks is performed electronically

Seaports In Continental Ukraine Increase Cargo Transshipment By 8% In January-June

Container transshipment reduced by 6.4% to 347,573 TEU in the first half of 2014.

Electronic Container Processing Introduced At Ilyichevsk Port

This test processing of orders will last 2-3 months, after which a complete switch to electronic processing will be made.

Viking Train To Pass Through Lithuania-Turkey Test Route In Third Quarter

A new overland route to Turkey was agreed, and changes to the train movement technology were made at the meeting.

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