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Trade War in the Black Sea: 2023 in Review

Ukraine Plans To Expand Marine Risk Insurance Instruments

This will ensure the safety of maritime transport and increase the volume of Ukrainian exports.

160 Vessels Export About 4.3 Million Tons Of Agricultural Products Since Opening Of Temporary Corridor

The "cargo turnover" between Asian countries and the ports of Odesa, Chornomorsk, and Pivdennyi amounts to about 2.6 million tons.

100 Ships Leave Ukrainian Ports Via Temporary Corridor

Ships have exported 3.7 million tons of mining and agricultural products through the shipping route.

Over 100 Vessels Pass Through Temporary Black Sea Corridor

The leadership of the Reconstruction Ministry discussed the issue of continued operation of the route with the U.S. transportation secretary.

Ukraine’s Black Sea Corridor Continues To Operate: 6 Ships Outbound, 5 Ships Inbound

Since the launch of the temporary corridor, 116 vessels have called at the ports of Greater Odesa.

Imported Goods Begin Entering Ukrainian Ports Through Maritime Humanitarian Corridor

The Ukrainian Navy says it is doing its utmost to ensure the safety of the corridor.

45 Ships Enter Ports Of Greater Odesa Through New Black Sea Corridor

The route operates without the participation of the United Nations, Turkey, and Russia.

Minesweeping Begins In Black Sea Along Route Of Shipping Corridor To Ukrainian Ports

A minesweeping task force is currently operating off the coast of Bulgaria.

Over 30 Vessels Enter Greater Odesa Ports Via New Black Sea Corridor

The operation of the new route is facilitated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian Navy, the Main Intelligence Directorate, and the relevant ministries.

Explosion On Turkish Vessel Off Romanian Coast On 5 October Not Caused By Mine - Navy Spokesperson

There is no question of an increase in the risk of mines in the Black Sea.

Another Ship Arrived In Odesa

The bulk carrier Bull has a deadweight of 82,000 tons.

More Ships Prepare To Leave Ukrainian Ports Through New Black Sea Corridor

The number of ships leaving the ports of Odesa through the new route will reach 19.

Already 20 ships have passed the new route to the ports of Greater Odessa

A Turkish ship hits mine near the coast of Romania

The Russians are deploying new mines in the Black Sea to prevent shipping to Ukrainian ports.

Three More Vessels Are Going To The Ports of Great Odesa

In total, 15 vessels have already entered the ports of Odesa on the new route.

Two More Vessels Are Going To The Ports Of Great Odesa Along The New Black Sea Corridor

5 More Vessels Arrive In Ukraine’s Black Sea Ports Via New Corridor

This shows that the corridor can function without the participation of Russia.

50 Vessels In Ukrainian Ports Remain Blocked From February 24, 2022

Only two vessels remained in the ports of Great Odesa.

Shipowners Await Details Of New Insurance Coverage In New Shipping Corridor To Ukraine

The new route to Ukraine’s Black Sea ports is gaining traction, according to Western media reports.

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