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First Ship To Enter And Leave Ukrainian Port After Grain Deal Approaches Bosporus

The bulk carrier is transporting grain from the port of Chornomorsk.

First Bulk Carrier To Enter Chornomorsk Port Through Temporary Corridor Departs

First Two Ships Enter Ukrainian Black Sea Port Through Temporary Corridor

Previously, only vessels that had been stuck in Ukrainian ports since the beginning of the Russian invasion used this route.

Ukrainian Troops Remove Russian Reconnaissance Equipment From ‘Boiko Tower’

Special forces conducted an operation to dismantle radar equipment from a drilling rig in the Black Sea.

Departure Of Vessels Carrying Ores And Metals From Ukrainian Ports Represents First Step Towards Unblocking Maritime Exports - Metinvest

Bulk carriers carrying rolled steel and iron-ore concentrate have left the ports of Greater Odesa for the first time since the outbreak of full-scale war.

Grain Initiative Should Be Revived Not By Catering To Russia's Whims - Foreign Ministry

Ukraine is insisting on the establishment of an alternative corridor.

Four Vessels Successfully Navigate Temporary Black Sea Corridor Established By Ukraine

Russia Comments On Passage Of Ships Through Temporary Black Sea Corridor Established By Ukraine

The Kremlin believes this corridor has nothing to do with the prospects for reviving the Black Sea grain deal.

Second Vessel To Leave Odesa Port Via Temporary Corridor Passes The Bosphorus

The bulk carrier will deliver steel products that were loaded onto it in February 2022 to Senegal.

Russian Barge Re-Enters Occupied Berdiansk Port To Export Ukrainian Grain

The Samarskaya-1 barge began appearing in the port of Berdiansk in April 2023.

Ukraine Finalizing Scheme To Insure Grain Vessels In Black Sea

The relevant agreement is being discussed and studied by the relevant ministries, banks, and international insurance groups, including Lloyd's of London.

A Month Without a Deal

Polish Experts Propose Banning All Russian Ships From Entering EU Ports If Merchant Ships Attacked In Black Sea

Polish experts believe it is necessary to completely unblock maritime trade routes to Ukrainian ports.

Russian Ship Transports Stolen Ukrainian Goods At Least 5 Times Since Beginning Of Summer

It transported the products from ports in the occupied Crimea.

The First Vessel Used The Temporary Corridor For Merchant Ships to/from The Ports Of Big Odesa

The corridor will be primarily used to evacuate ships that were in the Ukrainian ports at the time of the full-scale invasion of the Russia.

Russian Drones Again Attacked Ukrainian Ports On The Danube

Russia is methodically destroying the port infrastructure of Ukraine.

Registration Of Merchant Ships For Passage Through Ukraine’s Temporary Corridors Begins

Information about the number of ships and shipowners that have already registered was not disclosed.

‘Russia Is Already Pushing Us Out of Global Markets and Planting a Time Bomb.’ CFTS Director Serhii Vovk Explains How Russia Is Driving Ukraine into a ‘Grain Deal’ Trap

Temporary Corridors Announced For Merchant Ships Sailing To And From Ukrainian Ports

The military threat from Russia and risks from mines remain along the entire lengths of all the routes.

The Russian Pressure Points That Will Allow Ukraine’s Ports to Reopen

A senior manager at Ukraine's largest exporter discusses the options for unblocking Ukraine's seaports.

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