The maritime humanitarian corridor from Ukrainian ports is being used not only for the transportation of export goods but also for the transportation of imported goods.

The Ukrainian Navy’s spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk announced this on 2 November.

According to him, the issue of the "first trial balloon" needed to be resolved before the corridor established by the Armed Forces of Ukraine could begin operation.

"That is, the bravest left, although the insurance rates were quite high: about 5% of the value of a cargo ship, as far as I know. Some brave people were the first to leave. Now, there are over 70 inbound ships–already closer to 80, I think–and about 60 outbound. Accordingly, people believe that insurance rates have begun to fall significantly. In addition, this corridor has already become not only an export corridor, but also an export-import corridor, which is also important," he said.

He also emphasized that the Ukrainian Navy is making maximum efforts to ensure the safety of the corridor.

"We will continue to do everything possible for it to expand. And we are slowly approaching the mark of 1.5 million tons. That is quite a lot," Pletenchuk said.