Container Transshipment Capacity In Ukraine: One Working, Four Watching?

Only one-fifth of Ukraine’s container transshipment facilities are assured of cargo flows. Owners of container terminals are handling non-core cargoes to ensure utilization of their capacities

Drones: Dawn of a New Era

The drones has a great potential to save lives, increase safety, produce new jobs and boost economy growth. And 2016 is a great year for the future of commercial drones.

The Board’s Platform: Where Ukrzaliznytsia’s Leadership is Leading the Company

Members of the board of the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company met with business representatives and journalists to discuss the current state of affairs and announce their plans for further reform of the railway industry. We publish the most interesting quotes from them.

Yurii Vaskov: I am Not Striving to Return to Government Agencies at this Stage (Part 2)

In the second part of his interview with the CFTS portal, former deputy minister of infrastructure Yurii Vaskov spoke about establishment of a maritime administration, reform of the Ukrainian Port Authority, the new strategy for development of the maritime industry, port charges, and Ukraine’s transit potential.

Yurii Vaskov: I am Not Striving to Return to Government Agencies at this Stage (Part 1)

In an interview with the CFTS portal, Yurii Vaskov discusses his attitude to work in state agencies, the new structure of the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, the long-standing problems in his industry, and why reforms are moving so slowly.

The An-178’s Silk Road: What is Known about Antonov’s Deal with Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani airline, Silk Way Airlines, has become the first serious buyer for the An-178 aircraft. Several details of the contract, as well as when and where the carrier will use the Ukrainian aircraft, have emerged.

How high port charges hampering Ukraine’s export (opinion)

Andrey Smirnov, Metinvest Group's head of seaborne shipments, about how high port charges are hampering the development of Ukraine’s export potential.

Airports vs Airlines: European Market Trends

Who dictates terms on the European air transport market, who "skims the cream," and what are low-cost airlines striving for? Notes from the "European Regional Airports 2016" forum.

COFCO Terminal: Mykolaiv Sets Foot on the Silk Road

The COFCO corporation (China) has officially commissioned a terminal for transshipment of agricultural products at the Mykolaiv seaport.

What foreign investors think about Ukrainian railway market

The CFTS portal asked top managers of Alstom, Bombardier Transportation, GE Transportation about the Ukrainian railway market, its prospects and problems, as well as their expectations for Ukrzaliznytsia leadership and for the new government.

Warsaw-Lviv Eurorail: What is Known About the EUR-0.5-Billion Project

Ukraine wants to integrate into Europe with the help of railways. There are plans to build a railway with the European standard track gauge from Lviv to Warsaw. The prospects of the project are still unclear, but Chinese investors are ready to invest.

Wojciech Balczun On Why He Agreed To Head Ukrzaliznytsia

We visited Wojciech Balczun, the winner of the competition to head the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company, in Warsaw. We learned about his Ukrainian ancestors and asked if he was ready to fight hard to implement reforms and not just work for a good salary.

Trends of the European Aviation Market: Seven Themes from the CONNECT 2016 Conference

Ryanair’s plans for 2016, why Ryanair’s is not interested in the Ukrainian market, how low-cost carriers are edging out charter carriers, and why network airlines are merging with budget airlines. These were the main themes of the CONNECT 2016 international aviation conference.

The Difficulties of the Second Phase of Railway Reform In Ukraine

PJSC Ukrzaliznytsia board member Yevhen Kravtsov and head of Ukrzaliznytsia’s department of reform and corporate development Andrii Bukovskyi discuss when a railway freight company will be created and who opposes reform of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Why Vessel Calls at Ukrainian Ports are the Most Expensive in the World

Ukrainian ports are losing the competition on the world market - their services are four times more expensive than the services of Chinese and Brazilian ports and even the services of the Romanian port of Constanta. What can be done not to scare but attract cargoes?

The Fight Against Corruption and a New Approach to Tariffs – Businesses’ Requests On Transport Industry Reform

Dmitry Pavlenko, Deloitte’s director of tax and legal services, Sergei Vovk, the director of CFTS, and Andrei Shkliar, the head of CFTS Consulting, present the results of "Industry Survey 2016," a survey of transport business leaders.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s First Geopolitical Success

The task of the state and the Ukrzaliznytsia public railway company, which is a state monopoly, is primarily to respond to geopolitical challenges adequately.

Alternative to Russia: Which New Transit Cargoes Can Ukraine Expect

Active work to diversify cargo transit routes can help Ukrzaliznytsia to compensate for its loss of revenue from transit of Russian goods. In addition to the Silk Road project, the cargo route from Black Sea ports to Ukraine’s western border crossings can be promising.

How the First Train Bypassing Russia was Launched

A container train has departed on a trial run on the Trans-Caspian corridor (Ukraine-China), through Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. We visit the Illichivsk port to find whether this is just a public-relations move or a real business project.

The general director of the Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, Arvydas Vaitkus, discusses the recipe for successfully attracting transit cargoes and development of cooperation with Ukraine.

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