Poland Wants To Build Border Crossing Near​​ Lakes Of Shatsk

The idea of ​​building the Adamchucki-Zbereze border crossing has been under discussion for years.

Saakashvili Promises To Redirect ‘Silk Road’ Through Ilyichevsk

The Ilyichevsk seaport could be the point of entry into Ukraine for goods passing through the "New Silk Road."

Ukraine Imports Coal Worth Almost USD 1 Billion In 7 Months

First Batch Of Sanctioned Produce Destroyed In Crimea

The produce was buried in a landfill in Armyansk.

Atlasjet Ukraine Postpones Launch Of Flights To Late September-October

Commencement of AtlasGlobal flights has been postponed due to revision of the company's flight schedule

Odessa Seaport’s Board Approves Construction Of Large Grain Complex

According to the press service, the terminal will use handling equipment made in the United States.

Finance Ministry Considers 12 August Meeting As Final Opportunity For Agreement With Creditors

This is also the final opportunity to reach a mutual agreement on the eve of payments on Eurobonds in September and October

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