The First Ship With Ukrainian Grain Left The Port Of Odesa

26,000 tons of Ukrainian corn are on board.

Volunteers To Purchase Batch Of U.S.-Made Tank Transporter Tractors For Ukrainian Armed Forces

The purchase of such tank transporter tractors will facilitate operational transportation of self-propelled artillery and tanks over long distances.

15% Of Ukraine’s Population Internally Displaced

Meanwhile, 5.5 million people who left the country earlier have already returned to the unoccupied territories.

Antonov To Inscribe Names Of Ukrainian Hero Cities On Fuselage Of Its Planes

The names of 10 Ukrainian hero cities will be inscribed on Antonov’s aircraft.

Ukraine Asks Lebanon To Look Into Entry Of Syrian Ship Carrying Stolen Ukrainian Barley Into Tripoli Port

Barley illegally taken from Ukraine was loaded onto the ship in Feodosia.

Russian Attack Kills 5 People At Public Transport Stop In Mykolaiv

The Russian occupiers continue to inflict daily terror on the city.

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