25 Ships With Grain Have Already Left Three Ukrainian Ports Within The Framework Of The "Grain Corridor"

In particular, another ship with Ukrainian grain chartered for African countries left the port of Chornomorsk today.

Ukraine’s Serhiy Prytula Foundation Bought Access To A Space Satellite For The Ukrainian Army

The satellite was bought with funds that Ukrainians collected for drones during the "People's Bayraktar" project.

Hangars For Temporary Storage Of Grain Intended For Export To Spain Being Built On Ukrainian-Polish border

The grains will be sent to Spain in containers.

241 Ambulances Destroyed In Ukraine Since Beginning Of War

In addition, 68 ambulances have been damaged.

Russian Soldiers Stealing Railcars In Occupied Kherson, Dismantling Them, Sending Them To Crimea

The Russian occupiers have given railroad workers in the temporarily captured southern regions an ultimatum to redirect all damaged and undamaged gondola cars to Nova Kakhovka and Kherson.

Work Continues On Restoration Of Khyriv-Przemysl Railway Link On Polish Border

An automobile checkpoint is also expected to begin operation there next year.

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