Deutsche Bahn Unable To Export Grain From Ukraine At Full Capacity Due To EU Bureaucracy

The company believes that it is necessary to expand the infrastructure and speed up border procedures at the EU’s external borders.

Russian Defense Ministry Announces Russia Resuming Participation In ‘Grain Agreement’

The ministry said it had received written guarantees that Ukraine would not use the "grain corridor" to conduct military operations against Russia.

Blocking Of ‘Grain Corridor’ Could Provoke Significant Increase In Grain Prices - Solskyi

The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy believes that an increase in prices will be felt even in those countries that have never bought Ukrainian grain.


Not an Iron Curtain: Why the Sanctions on the Export of Russian Mining and Metals Products are Not Working

Europe continues to purchase Russian iron ore and cast iron although they can easily be replaced with products from other sources. Why is this happening despite sanctions?

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