Negotiations On Introduction Of Ukrainian-Polish Joint Customs And Border Controls Begin In Poland

Ukrainian and Polish delegations discussed the draft of an intergovernmental agreement on joint control of persons, vehicles, and goods at joint border crossings.

Temporary Bridge Donated By Czech Republic Opened To Traffic In Balakliia, Kharkiv Region

It was installed on Highway P-78 Kharkiv - Zmiiv - Balakliia.

Russians Attack Pivdenmash

Russia also attacked Ukraine’s gas production facilities.

Hague Court Finds Girkin Guilty Of Murdering 298 People On Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

The court found Girkin, Dubinsky, and Kharchenko "guilty 298 times" but acquitted Pulatov.

Grain Initiative Extended For 4 Months

Ukraine has proposed extending the Grain Initiative for one year and including the Mykolaiv seaport in it.

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