Krasnoilsk-Vicovu De Sus Border Checkpoint Ready For Opening - Infrastructure Ministry

Over 7 kilometers of the road have been overhauled. The territory of the checkpoint has been upgraded while lighting and communications systems and the equipment necessary for the checkpoint’s operations have been installed.

Intercity Train Begins Operating Between Kyiv And Uzhhorod

The Kyiv-Uzhgorod train travels from Kyiv to the Zakarpattia region’s regional center in 13 hours.

Preparation Of Pre-Feasibility Study For Extension Of European-Gauge Rail Network To Ukraine Begins

The initial results are expected in the spring.

1,000 Tons Of Azovstal Steel Used In Construction Of Hetman Ivan Mazepa Corvette’s Hull

The first Ada-class corvette, the flagship of the future Ukrainian Navy’s fleet, was recently launched in Istanbul.

New Train From Rakhiv To Romania To Operate Twice Daily

The launch of a rail passenger service across the border between Ukraine and Romania is expected in early December.

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