More than 100 trains have been “abandoned” on approaches to their destination stations on the Dalnevostochnaya Railway. The trains consist of more than 6,000 railcars carrying coal, petroleum products, and other goods, the website reports.

Most of the "abandoned" trains are in the Vladivostok region. Of these trains, 16 were traveling to the Posiet railway station, 25 to the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya railway station, 16 to the Nakhodka railway station, 19 to the Mys Astafyeva railway station, 7 to the Blyukher railway station, and 7 to the Mys Churkin railway station. In addition, 15 trains on their way to Vanino are idling.

As reported, 99 trains were idling on the Dalnevostochnaya Railway in mid-December last year, with the number reaching 146 by the end of the month.