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Russia Begins To Engage Belarusian Fire Trains Due To Ukrainian Drone Attacks

At least one such train has been sent to the Moscow Railways.

Russian Railways To Increase Its Fleet Of General-Purpose Flatcars

The main reason for the increase in demand for such rolling stock in Russia is the increase in the volume of transportation of military equipment.

Russian And Belarusian Railways Suspended From International Union Of Railways’ General Assembly

China, India, Iran, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia opposed the decision.

Railcar Loadings On Russian Railways Continue To Fall

Scrap metal, timber, and coke accounted for the biggest falls in transport volumes in November.

Russian Private Operators’ Flatcars And Covered Wagons Being Used For Military Transport Operations

Some Russian private companies have provided up to 10% of their wagon fleet for military transport operations.

Russian Railways Planning To Further Raise Freight Rates By 10%

Russian Railways is aiming to raise funds for capital investments.

Almost 900 Russian Wagons Seized In Finland

Finland has frozen Russian and Belarusian assets worth at least EUR 82 million as part of EU sanctions.

Gems From Russian Railways Director’s Lecture On ‘Globalization And Capitalism’

Some of his remarks are very interesting because they provide a better understanding of the mentality and mindset of the current head of Russian Railways.

Yakunin: Russian Railways May Switch Some Employees To Reduced Working Hours

Reduction of investment programs would deal a blow to the country's economy.

Ukrzaliznytsia Calls On Russian Railways To End Relations With Donetsk Railway

Ukrzaliznytsia also calls on the Russian Railways to consider all its correspondence with the Donetsk railways illegitimate.

Ukrzaliznytsia Not Planning To Cancel Passenger Trains To Russia

19 trains to Russia were scheduled for the winter and that these trains would operate.

Russian Railways To Cancel Trains To Ukraine For One Year

According to the Russian Railways representative, trains to Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and Abkhazian cities will not be canceled.

Russian Railways’ President Links Reduction Of Freight Transportation To Situation In Ukraine

"What is happening in Ukraine is leading to a drop in the cargo base and freight transport in that direction"

International Trains From/To Crimea To Stop Only At Some Stations

The total number of train stations in Ukraine is 126, of which 19 are unclassed and 12 are first class.

Ukrzaliznytsia And Russian Railways Reduce Intensity Of Train Traffic Between Moscow And Kiev

On March 31, Ukrzaliznytsia changed the timetable of the Simferopol-Kiev train No. 146/145, which previously operated daily but will now operate on alternate days.

Russian Railways Unclear How Crimean Railway Infrastructure Will Be Managed

The Caucasus-Crimea ferry is used heavily

100 Trains ‘Abandoned’ In Russia

Most of the "abandoned" trains are in the Vladivostok region.

Railway Tariffs In Russia To Increase By Almost 10% In Two Years

Railway tariffs in the country will increase by 4.5% in 2017 and by 4.1% in in 2018.

Russia To Begin Building Toll Railway Crossings

Such railway crossings will initially be built in the Moscow metropolitan area.

Russian Railways Puts 27% Of Its Employees On Shortened Workweeks

The Russian Railways employs more than 1 million people, meaning that about 300,000 people will be on shortened workweeks.

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