The vast majority of passenger aircraft that Ukrainian airlines operate are leased from other countries, according to data from the State Register of Civil Aircraft, the CFTS reports.

Twenty-three passenger airplanes are leased from the United States (of which 20 are operated by the UIA airline), 21 from Cyprus, 11 from Ireland, 8 from the United Arab Emirates, and 7 each from Singapore and Portugal. The other countries from which Ukrainian airlines lease passenger airplanes are Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Bermuda, Luxembourg, and Canada.

Only four airlines own their own aircraft. The Motor Sich and Ukraina airlines own their entire fleets of aircraft while the Urga and UIA airlines partially own their fleets.

In addition, according to the State Register of Civil Aircraft, only four carriers have more than 10 aircraft: UIA owns 41 (excluding cargo aircraft), Urga 14 (excluding cargo and training aircraft), Wind Rose 11, and Khors 10. Six airlines (Yanair, Motor Sich, DART, Bravo Airways, and Ukraina) have fleets of 3-7 aircraft.