The leadership of the Lublin region of Poland is considering the possibility of establishing a railway link between Lviv and Lublin through Hrebenne.

This was announced after a meeting between the Lublin region’s head Slawomir Sosnowski and the leadership of the Lviv region, which took place in Lviv last week, the CFTS reports.

The Poles intend to upgrade the Lublin-Zamosc railway stretch and see prospects for extension of this railway line to Lviv.

"It would be worth establishing better communication and transport link between the Lviv region and the Lublin region. For our part, we are focusing on a rail link. In particular, we have the intention to upgrade the track on the Lublin-Zamosc railway stretch. We also believe that it would be worth implementing a project involving extension of the track to Lviv through Tomashev and Hrebenne," said Sosnowski.

The Lviv region’s Governor Oleh Siniutka promised to announce this initiative during a meeting of the Ukrainian parliament’s transport committee and the Polish parliament’s infrastructure commission, which will soon be held in Lviv.

As the CFTS previously reported, work is underway on a project to link the Zakarpattia region with Hungary by a European-gauge railway. Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelian announced this during a visit to Uzhhorod last week.