Four vessels carrying 69,500 tons of agricultural products to Asian countries left the ports of Greater Odesa on Wednesday, 14 December, under the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which established a humanitarian maritime corridor to allow ships to export grain and other foodstuffs from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Ministry for Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure announced this in a statement, the CFTS portal reports.

The four vessels include the Selina II and Med Pacific tankers, which are carrying 54,000 tons of sunflower oil to India.

Currently, 21 vessels are being processed in the ports of Greater Odesa, where they are being loaded with 665,800 tons of Ukrainian agricultural products.

One vessel carrying 63,500 tons of agricultural products is traveling through the humanitarian maritime corridor.

Currently, 81 ships (61 inbound and 20 outbound) are waiting for inspection in the Bosporus. The situation involving the queues of vessels remains difficult, with Russia continuing to register a maximum of three vessels per day instead of the required 12.

According to the statement, 554 vessels transporting 13.9 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products to Asian, European, and African countries have left the ports of Greater Odesa since 1 August.

Russia stated on 14 December that it was necessary to revise the grain deal because most of the grain being exported from Ukraine are allegedly not going to the poorest countries in the world.