The government intends to require allocation of 5% of parking spaces for electric cars during design of parking lots, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Cabinet of Ministers portal.

The relevant amendments to the regulations on design of parking lots and garages for passenger cars mandate equipment of at least 5% of parking spaces in parking lots with electric chargers.

The amendments were published in the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing, & Utility Services’ newsletter No. 3/2019 on March 29, and they will enter into force on July 1 this year.

"About 2.1 million new electric cars were bought around the world last year. For example, 73,000 electric cars were sold in Norway, which means that every second car purchased in the country was an electric car. I think that the whole world will switch to electric cars in the next 5-10 years. Yes, it will not happen all at once, but we need to prepare for it now. In the new changes to the regulations on parking lots, we have introduced mandatory equipment of at least 5% of parking space with chargers for electric vehicles during design of parking lots,” Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing, and Utility Services Lev Partskhaladze said.

Partskhaladze stressed that this percentage would be gradually increased to ensure that 100% of the parking spaces in parking lots in Ukraine are equipped with electrical chargers by 2030. These changes are associated with the high level of popularization of electric cars that is expected in the coming years. Analysts at the German Automotive Business Management Center predict a rapid increase in the number of electric cars in 2020 because this is the year that automakers plan to introduce many new electric vehicles into the market.

As the CFST portal reported earlier, 2.6 million electric vehicles will be sold worldwide in 2019.