Aeroflot has created a new subsidiary instead of its Dobrolyot low-cost subsidiary, Slon reports, citing the Interfax news agency.

According to materials from Aeroflot, the newly created subsidiary is called LLC Budget Carrier. Aeroflot owns 100% of the shares in LLC Budget Carrier. The name under which the new carrier will operate flights is not yet known.

Dobrolyot stopped flying on August 4 this year, following its addition to the European Union’s sanctions list at the end of July. The authorities in the European Union attributed their decision to the fact that the company operated flights exclusively to the annexed Crimea.

Following the suspension of Dobrolyot’s flights, Aeroflot announced that it planned to create a new carrier with the same network of routes as Dobrolyot. It was not stated at the time whether the new airline would fly to the Crimea. The name of the new carrier was also not disclosed. However, it became known recently that the domain names and, as well as the same names in the “.ru” and “.rf” internet domains have already been bought.

Dobrolyot performed its first flight on 10 June 2014, after which it performed flights only to Simferopol and back to Russia for about six weeks. It also launched flights to Volgograd on 1 August and planned to begin flights to six more destinations later.