Martin Kaco, a representative of Slovakia’s embassy in Moscow, has tweeted that the captain of an Aeroflot aircraft made the following announcement to passengers in Russian during a flight to Vienna: "We fly over remnants of Ukraine, where Banderovtsi and other fifth lives.”

There was no reaction to the pilot’s announcement because most of the passengers did not understand Russian, the influential Polish publication, Gazeta Wyborcza, writes.

Confirmation of the incident has already appeared on Aeroflot’s Twishort account. "We have studied your message. The incident has been confirmed. The pilot did not have the right to express his personal opinion on duty. At Aeroflot, we have a standard for passenger information, which is mandatory for all pilots. In this case, the pilot broke our internal rules. We have launched an internal investigation. Thank you for the information," the response to Kaco’s post states.