The An-132D demonstrator aircraft performed its maiden flight on 31 March, when it took off at the Sviatoshino airfield and landed at the Gostomel airfield, where the Antonov Airlines’ base is located.

The An-132 is a light turboprop multipurpose transport aircraft that is intended to replace the obsolete An-32 aircraft. Like its predecessor, the new An-132 will specialize in transportation of cargoes in difficult climatic conditions: in hot climates and highlands.

The An-132 aircraft has a load of 9.2 tons (compared with the An-32’s 7.5 tons) and a range of 1,270 kilometers with maximum payload (1,050 kilometers in the An-32). The An-132 has a maximum cruising speed of 550 kilometers per hour and a cruising altitude of 9,000 meters.