The Antonov state enterprise (Kyiv) is displaying the An-158 and An-100-2 airplanes at the MAKS 2013 air show, which is taking place in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, from August 27 to September 1, the press service of the aircraft manufacturer has announced.

"On static display and in the demonstration flight program, visitors to the MAKS 2013 air show will see one of the airplanes of this family (An-148/An-158), an An-158 jet that will be delivered to a Cuban customer – the Cubana de Aviacion airline company – after the exhibition. Currently, two such airplanes are in operation in the fleet of this airline company. They have already mastered the domestic routes of the airline company and begun performing international flights," said Antonov.

Antonov and the Motor Sich company will also jointly present a new modification of the An-2 biplane at the air show. "The main difference between the AN-100-2 and its predecessor is a power plant with an MS-14 turboprop engine developed and manufactured by Motor Sich. One of the benefits of this change is the transition from aviation gasoline to aviation keresine. This significantly increases the profitability of the airplane," the statement said.

The An-2-100 will be produced by retrofitting the An-2 aircraft that are currently in service. There are currently about 1,580 such aircraft in Russia, out of which only 322 are airworthy. In addition, the An-2 is currently the main agricultural aircraft in Russia.

The An-70 military transport airplane with short takeoff and landing is also on the list of Ukrainian-Russian joint projects. The airplane completed preliminary tests in August, and it is ready for presentation to Ukrainian and Russian customers for performance of the final stage of joint government tests, which will involve 82 flights.

Regarding the An-148, the aircraft manufacturer said that this model is operating in the fleets of seven airline companies in three countries. The An-148 perform 6-8 flights per day, and their average monthly flying time is more than 300 flight hours.

Antonov is developing a number of new aircraft of this family. One of them is the An-148-200 airplane with a passenger capacity of 89. A medical version called An-148-100EM designed to order from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has been certified and delivered to the customer. The An-148-100EA, which is a three-cabin VIP version capable of carrying 39 passengers, is in operation as part of the Russian President Administration’s Rossiya special flying squad.

In addition, a luxury airplane called An-148-300, which will be able to deliver passengers over a distance of 7,000 kilometers, is being designed. A future fleet of An-148-300MP maritime patrol airplanes is being created on its basis.

The new An-178 transport airplane, the development of which is nearing completion at the enterprise, will continue the An-148/158 aircraft range.