The Antonov state enterprise manufacturing enterprise has asked the United States to consider joint development of the new An-77a transport aircraft. This issue was discussed when a delegation from the United States House of Representatives’ Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure visited Antonov on July 3.

"Antonov presented a proposal on joint development of the An-77, a modernized version of the medium-range military transport aircraft with short take-off and landing. It can occupy a niche between the C-130, which has a payload of up to 21 tons, and the C-17, which has a payload of up to 76 tons," Antonov said on its official Facebook page.

Antonov proposed organizing cooperation on this project with broad participation of American aircraft manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

"Implementation of such a project will require interaction with the state aviation regulatory agencies of the two countries – Ukraine’s State Aviation Service and the United States’ FAA. At the same time, an important step should be conclusion of an intergovernmental Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA)," Antonov said.