Companies in the Ukrainian military-industrial complex have sufficient production and cooperative skills to establish production of a Ukrainian combat aircraft, as well as to modernize and develop new air defense systems. Colonel Vladyslav Shostak, the deputy chief of armaments at the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, announced this at a news briefing on Tuesday, May 31, the Ukrinform news agency reports.

"We have an order for production of a combat aircraft. In particular, Antonov will implement the project. As expected, the engines will be produced by Motor Sich," he said.

He added that the possibility of purchasing foreign-made equipment was also being considered, but Ukrainian equipment is preferred because it is necessary to create expensive maintenance infrastructure for foreign models. He did not specify the designation of the aircraft to be developed by Antonov.

As reported, the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise is part of the Ukroboronprom state defense concern.