An An-124-100M-150 aircraft equipped with new tires developed by British Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited, which are expected to be used on the Antonov Airlines’ fleet of Ruslan and AN-225 Mria aircraft, has performed test flights at the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise’s research base.

According to the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise, the test-flight program consisted of flights with takeoff weights of 340 tons, 360 tons, and 402 tons at various center-of-gravity extremes.

At the same time, takeoffs and landings were performed within the anticipated operating conditions. All the tests were performed with the participation of specialists from Dunlop. The British tires were of high quality, Antonov representatives said.

The Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing enterprise is already working with Dunlop under the An-148/AN-158 regional jet aircraft program.