The State Aviation Service has reached agreement with Armenia’s Department of Civil Aviation complete removal of restrictions on air links between the two countries. In particular, this applies to the number of designated carriers and the frequency of flights, the press service of the State Aviation Service announced.

The governments of Ukraine and Armenia signed the agreement on air links between the two countries in 1995. The agreement stipulates that only one airline from each side may transport passengers, cargo, and mail between the two countries. The frequency of flights was also limited to three flights per week.

Now, there are no restrictions on the number of designated carriers, points of departure/arrival, and flights between Ukraine and Armenia, the State Aviation Service said.

As reported, the Estonian government decided to lift restrictions on the number of airlines and routes between Estonia and Ukraine on 19 May. Italy and Poland removed all restrictions on flights to Ukraine in March. The “Open Skies” principle was introduced between Ukraine and the United States in In January.