The Atlasjet Ukraine airline company (Lvov), a subsidiary of the Turkish carrier Atlasjet, will have no difficulty obtaining permits for its planned charter flights, and permits have already been issued for three destinations. The Interfax Ukraine news agency reported this, citing the State Aviation Service’s Chairman Denys Antoniuk.

The State Aviation Service has issued an order stating that take-off and landing permits are to be issued for all charter requests that comply with the provisions on charter flights and the Air Code of Ukraine.

"If Atlasjet Ukraine has a license and an operating certificate and it is requesting charters that comply with the provisions on charter flights, we will give them permission for these destinations," he said.

Antoniuk said that the company has already received permission to operate charter flights from Lvov to Tivat, Split, and Burgas.

Speaking about the airline company’s plans to obtain permits for regular flights, Antoniuk said that such a possibility has been blocked because of the absence of rules for issuing such permits. "There are currently no active rules. While the necessary provisions do not exist, it is physically impossible to issue permits," said the head of the State Aviation Service.

Atlasjet Ukraine previously announced that it would begin operating flights in May 2015. The company's management has confirmed its desire and ability to operate flights to about 30 destinations. Among these destinations are countries in Europe, the CIS, and the Caucasus, including Italy, Spain, Georgia, and others.

Atlasjet Ukraine was founded in September 2013. Its founders are the Atlasjet Havacilik AS (Turkey), AIS Group Ukraine (Lvov), and the individuals Volodymyr Kuzmyi, Maria Rozhkova, and Serhii Pidhorodetskyi.