The Black Sea shipyard (Nikolayev) has repaired and modernized the Almuntazah oil product tanker under a contract with the company Arida Trade LLP (Britain), the press office of the Black Sea shipyard has announced.

To increase the tonnage, cargo capacity, and the strength of the vessel’s hull, the shipyard fabricated and installed metal structures for its internal sides and second bottom, and its regular railing, as well as the heating systems of the cargo tank and the vessel.

Furthermore, the vessel’s propeller-rudder system was uninstalled and restored and its bottom-intake valves were repaired. The vessel’s hull, cargo tanks, and ballast tanks were also cleaned and painted.

The Almuntazah tanker (project 610 NRB) was built in Bulgaria in 1982. Its home port is Giurgiulesti (Moldova). According to the press office, more than 20 vessels have been repaired at the Black Sea shipyard over the past two years. The shipyard is currently repairing five vessels of various types and designations.

The Black Sea shipyard is capable of building ships and vessels with displacements of up to 105,000 tons. The shipyard has two inclined building slips No. 0 and No. 1. The shipyard’s flow-positioning line specializes in serial production of vessels of up to 9,000 deadweight of tons. The production areas and the flow-positioning line for construction of vessels are located in in a single covered building with a length of about 400 meters. The Smart Maritime Group controls the Black Sea Shipyard.