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Model Of Attack Drone To Be Equipped With Ukrainian Engine Displayed In Turkey

The UAV will be equipped with an engine manufactured by Ivchenko-Progress.

Ukraine Buys Britain’s James Clark Ross Icebreaker

The vessel served 30 years with the British Antarctic Survey.

Yuzhny Port To Train Its Engineers To Work With FIDIC

FIDIC rules will lead to simplification of the procedure of tender procurements

Azov Ship Repair Plant Restores Unique Clamshell Grab

The clamshell grab is used on 25-ton portal cranes

Railway To Be Built In Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

The project will be implemented for 14 months.

Ukrainian Company Presents Prototype Of New High-Speed Helicopter

The two-seater helicopter has a maximum flight speed of 240 km/h.

Antonov Begins Installing Canadian Engines On An-132D Demonstrator Aircraft

The PW150 engines offer exceptional payload capacity, fuel efficiency, environmental performance, and low-cost maintenance.

An-132D Aircraft To Be Equipped With Modern Propellers From Dowty Propellers

Dowty Propellers (Britain) will supply propeller systems for the engines of the prototype of the new AN-132D multipurpose aircraft.

Antonov Airlines’ An-124 Aircraft To Receive Upgraded Engines

The new engines are quieter and release less harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Kryukov Railcar Building Works Has Not Produced Passenger Cars In 2016

The Kryukov Railcar Building Works has not produced passenger cars this year but it has increased production of freight cars seven-fold.

Motor Sich To Sell License For Modernization Of Multi-Purpose Mi-8 And Mi-2 Helicopters To Kazakhstan

The Motor Sich company is preparing to sell a license for modernization of the Mi-8 and Mi-2 multipurpose helicopters and a license for overhaul of Mi-8 helicopter engines to Kazakhstan.

Antonov Completes An-132D Prototype Aircraft’s Airframe

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing company has installed the tail assembly of a prototype of the An-132D aircraft, thus completing the airframe of the future aircraft.

Wing Mounted On First An-132D Prototype

Wings have been mounted on a prototype of the AN-132D aircraft at an assembly plant belonging to the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise.

Antonov Begins Building An-148 Aircraft For Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Antonov state aircraft manufacturing company will build an An-148 aircraft for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s spokesperson Viktoria Kushnir announced this this at a press conference in Kyiv.

Kryukov Railcar Works Reduces Production Of Freight Cars By 83% In 2015

The Kryukov Railcar Building Works (Kremenchuk, Poltava region) reduced production of freight cars by 83% to 410 in 2015.

Tesla Announces Recall Of All Model S Electric Cars

The company is recalling all the 90,000 Model S electric cars that have been sold around the world.

Transmashholding Plans To Lay Off 9,000 Workers

Russian Railways intends to purchase 30% fewer locomotives this year than it purchased last year

Lessons from the European Union: the Secret of the Success of Polish Manufacturers of Rolling Stock

In partnership with the Polish consulting company ZDG TOR, the CFTS portal begins publishing a series of articles on the experience of successful adaptation of the Polish railway market to the European Union’s conditions. In the first article, find out why Polish train manufacturers are feeling confident even in Western Europe.

Motor Sich Delivers First Batch Of Multi-Purpose Mi-8MSB Helicopters To Defense Ministry

As of today, the Defense Ministry has already accepted the first three machines

Motor Sich Seeking To Enter Western Markets Through Poland

Representatives of the Ukrainian aviation giant from Zaporozhe - Motor Sich - tried to interest Polish entrepreneurs and government in general business projects

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