The Boeing corporation (United States) will buy Ukrainian engines and launch vehicles from the Yuzhnoye Design Office and the Yuzhmash factory. The two sides reached the relevant agreement in Washington, the UNIAN news agency reports, citing TSN.

The report does not specify the nature of the agreement (a memorandum, a contract, or a verbal agreement).

According to the head of the Ukrainian Space Agency, Liubomyr Sabodash, one of the American company’s conditions is that the Ukrainian state enterprise must not cooperate with businesses located in countries on which the United States has imposed sanctions.

The United States currently buys Russian engines. The Yuzhnoye Design Office will supply launch vehicles for launching Zenit and Antares rockets. A memorandum of cooperation between the Ukrainian Space Agency and Boeing must be signed by late October-early November this year, ahead of a visit to Ukraine by a delegation from NASA.

"Boeing sees us as a partner. The company is interested in continuing cooperation with Ukraine on the Sea Launch project. It is also interested in a project that we proposed for creation of a new satellite that would help Ukraine to perform telecommunications tasks," said Sabodash.