High fuel prices at the Boryspil airport are due to two factors: the monopoly position of one of the suppliers and import of raw materials from Belarus. The airport’s General Director Yevhen Dykhne disclosed this during a telephone conversation with Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Shulmeister, LIGABusinessInform reports.

According to Dykhne, three companies, of which KREBO is the largest, supply fuel to the airport.

Of the three companies, KREBO is the only one that produces jet fuel in Ukraine. The other suppliers import fuel from Belarus.

"This leads to a significant increase in the cost because of expensive logistics and the appetites of the selling companies. KREBO maintains a high price because there is no cheaper fuel on the market," the general director of Boryspil said.

In addition, KREBO has the technical ability to supply fuel directly to the ramp.

"The other two companies are forced to transport fuel in tanks from our warehouse, which is located outside the restricted area of the airport," said Dykhne.

This results in additional expenditure of money and time, which, in turn, affects the cost of aviation fuel. The KREBO company was founded in Kremenchug in 1994. It is currently the leading producer and seller of aviation fuel in Ukraine.

In addition to the Boryspil airport, KREBO supplies fuel to the Nikolayev, Lvov, Zaporozhe, Lugansk, Ivano-Frankovsk, Rovno, and Chernovtsy airports.