The Boryspil international airport will need to reconstruct its second takeoff zone in 2020, and the project will take 3-5 years and require USD 300 million in investment.

The Boryspil international airport’s General Director Pavlo Riabikin announced this in an interview with the Focus publication, the CFTS portal reports.

“We need to begin the reconstruction of the second takeoff zone next year. It will be a long-term project lasting 3-5 years. If we do not begin it now, it might be too late... It will include a second runway, new taxiways, new parking lots, a cargo terminal, a new emergency rescue station, a new wastewater treatment system, and a new Precision Approach Path Indicator… In fact, half of the airfield will be built from scratch," Riabikin said.

According to him, the current runway will operate under a critical load as the airport continues its passenger growth until the year 2025.

“I would like to complete the reconstruction of the second by that time,” he said.

According to the airport’s general director, about USD 300 million will be needed for the reconstruction project.

"Out of this amount, about 50% will be spent on the runway and 50% on infrastructure. The project involving water and wastewater treatment facilities is quite expensive," Riabikin said.

As the CFTS portal reported, the Boryspil airport handled 9 million passengers from the beginning of 2019 to mid-August. The airport handled almost 8.2 million passengers in the corresponding period of 2018.