The Latorca train from Budapest-Mukacheve departed from the Nyugati railway station in Budapest (Hungary) on its first trip on December 9. The passenger train left the train station at 7:23, local time. The ticket price at the station was EUR 20.9m the CFTS portal reports, citing the portal.

The train was expected to arrive in Mukacheve at 15:20, Kyiv time.

The ticket price at the Mukacheve train station is UAH 680.

As the CFTS portal reported earlier, the train is categorized as an InterCity train with second-class seats.

In the opposite direction, the train was scheduled to depart from Mukacheve at 12:20 and arrive in Budapest at 18:37. The train will make 12 stops, 11 of them in Hungary and one in Ukraine, including stops in Szolnok, Debrecen, Nyiregyhaza, and the border towns of Zahony and Chop. The train will run daily.