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Attempt Made To Seize Control Of Old Building In Budapest From Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has regained control of the building, but a legal dispute is still continuing.

Most of the traffic will go through Ukraine - an interview with the CEO of the EWG terminal under construction in Hungary

Janos Talosi on what the East-West Gate terminal will look like, what kind of cargo it will handle, the role of Russian capital and future investments in Ukraine.

New China-Hungary Container Train Launches Through Ukrainian Territory

The train completed a test trip on April 7.

Budapest-Mukacheve Intercity Train Performs First Trip

The Latorca train was expected to arrive in Mukacheve at 15:20.

Border Towns In Slovakia And Hungary Transforming Into Parking Lots For Ukrainian Foreign-Registered Vehicles

Population centers on the Ukrainian border in Slovakia and Hungary have been flooded with abandoned foreign-registered vehicles.

Hungarian Test Train From Budapest Arrives In Mukacheve

The rolling stock is operated by the MAV-START Nemzetkozi Utazasok company.

Hungary Ready To Provide Loan Of USD 50 Million For Berehove Bypass Road

Tconstruction of the 14-kilometer road recently stopped due to the bureaucratic procedures.

Ukraine and Hungary Begin Sharing Information about Goods Crossing Their Border

This is the second information-sharing project between Ukraine and an EU country.

Ukrainian Airlines To Fly To Germany And Hungary More Frequently

The frequency on the Kyiv-Budapest route has been increased from 9 to 14 flights per week.

Russia Launches Container Train From China To Hungary Via Ukraine

The total travel time was about 20 days

Mukacheve-Debrecen Train Planned For Launch In September

Representatives of the Hungarian side will arrive to Ukraine on June 20.

Ukravtodor Begins Designing New Highway To Hungary

The new road will simplify transport connection between Ukraine and EU

Ukraine And Hungary To Open New Border Crossing In Autumn

The plan to build the border crossing point was announced in November last year.

Hungary Ready To Provide Train For High-Speed Route To Ukraine

It is necessary to repair 300 meters of railroad tracks

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