Two business lounges have opened at the new terminal at the Lviv airport, reports. Both lounges are located in a sterile area, i.e. passengers can reach them only after undergoing security checks.

Passengers traveling within Ukraine and those traveling abroad can take advantage of the business lounges.

Business-class passengers will be able to retire for negotiations in special rooms to use copiers and computers or eat snacks (cold snacks, desserts, and drinks are available).

Access to the lounges is available for business-class passengers of airlines that signed the relevant agreement with the airport. The cost of the service for economy-class passengers is not known.

The new terminal at the Lviv airport was put into operation in 2012. Initially, the business lounges were expected to be located in the departure lounges for domestic and international flights.

The airport trained staff and purchased the necessary furniture for the business lounges several months ago, but they have only been launched into operation now.