The Canadian government has expanded its list of sanctions to include several Belarusian enterprises and citizens, particularly the Belarusian Railway and its management, the Canadian Foreign Ministry announced, the CFTS portal reports

The Belarusian enterprises added to the sanctions list include Belarusian Railway, the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, KB Radar, AGAT - Control Systems, the UE Precision Electromechanical Plant, and several other enterprises, most of which are related to the production of military equipment and hardware, as well as dual-use products.

The Belarusian Railway’s head Vladimir Morozov and Belarus’ First Deputy Minister of Transport Aleksey Lyakhnovich were also sanctioned.

Currently, the Canadian sanctions list includes 55 Belarusian enterprises and organizations and 181 Belarusian citizens.

Canada is the first country to impose sanctions on the Belarusian Railway.