The volume of cargo handled at Ukrainian seaports in January this year was 10.677 million tons, a reduction of 9% compared with January 2013. The press service of the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine (ASU) reported this, citing the latest data.

State-owned stevedores controlled by the Ministry of Infrastructure accounted for 30.6% of the total cargo volume (3.268 million tons). Private terminals handled 7.409 million tons (69.4% of the total) through all berths, including 3.981 million tons through berths owned by the ASU (37.2% of the total).

Processing of export cargo totaled 7.479 million tons (+0.6% compared with January 2012), processing of import cargo totaled 0.910 million tons (-27.8%), processing of transit cargo 2.245 million tons (-24.4%), and processing of cabotage 0.043 million tons (-40%).

The volume of containers handled by seaports totaled 52,296 thousand TEU, which is 0.5% less than the volume in January 2013.