The TransContainer company, together with the HTNS company and the European logistics services provider JTC, has launched a new container train from Dobra (Slovakia) to the Vorsino station (Russia). The press service of the Russian company announced this in a statement.

The first 57-railcar train carrying cargoes intended for the Samsung Electronics plant departed from a terminal at the Dobra station on 6 October and arrived at the Moscow Railway’s Vorsino station on 9 October.

The 1,637-kilometer trip from the departure station to the destination station takes three days. The train is expected to be operated 2-3 times per month.

According to the statement, the test run of the train showed that the new Dobra-Vorsino route is "attractive in terms of the transit time, financially optimal, competitive with delivery of goods from Central and Southern Europe by road."

According to media reports, components were previously delivered to the Samsung plant in Kaluga from Slovakia by road to the port of Rotterdam and from there by sea to St. Petersburg, and by road again to Vorsino. It is unloaded in Vorsino for customs clearance, reloaded onto trucks, and transported by road to the factory.