A project called the Ukrzaliznytsia Customer Satisfaction Index was presented at the logistics committee of the European Business Association (EBA) in Kyiv on September 19.

The management of the Ukrainian Railways joint-stock company (JSC Ukrzaliznytsia), representatives of shipper, CFTS Consulting, the EBA, and KPMG participated in the event.

According to the initiators of the project, the level of customer satisfaction should become one of the key KPIs for JSC Ukrzaliznytsia. Therefore, the company’s strategic plans should take the needs of customers into account. The Ukrzaliznytsia Customer Satisfaction Index will help identify differences in the needs of shippers in various industries.

The index will be determined through regular surveys, the first of which is scheduled to be conducted in the final week of September.

The EBA will support the survey process, KPMG will verify the accuracy of its data, and CFTS Consulting will conduct the surveys.

The surveys will meet a number of requirements. They will be conducted regularly, independently, and confidentially (JSC Ukrzaliznytsia will not have access to the answers of individual respondents but only to a summary report). They will cover at least 60% of the volume of shipments. The results will be made public.

The index will be based on seven types of cargoes: iron ore, coal, agricultural goods, ferrous metals, chemical cargoes, containers, building materials, and cement.

Participants in the survey will answer 23 questions in two aspects - assessment of each factor and its significance to a specific shipper.

They will be asked to evaluate the following:

- The quality of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s services.

- The ease of concluding contracts for provision of transport services.

- The ease of concluding other contracts with JSC Ukrzaliznytsia.

- The ease of filing applications for carriage of goods.

- The speed of approval of applications for shipments consisting of up to 10 wagons.

- The speed of approval of applications for shipments of more than 10 wagons.

- The speed of approval of applications for unit-train shipments.

- Sufficient number of Ukrzaliznytsia wagons of the required type in the required quantity.

- How great is the need to use wagons other that Ukrzaliznytsia’s wagons.

- Meeting of deadlines for delivery of wagons for loading.

- The technical and commercial conditions of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s wagon fleet.

- To what extent do you agree with the statement that JSC Ukrzaliznytsia wagon fleet is in better technical condition than the fleets of other wagon owners?

- Meeting of deadlines for delivery of cargoes.

- The cost of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s transport services.

- The cost of using JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s wagons.

- The cost of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s other services.

- How would you assess the cost of using JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s wagons compared with other companies’ wagons?

- How significant is the share of rail transport costs in the total cost of cargo delivery?

- The level of JSC Ukrzaliznytsia’s responsibility for non-compliance with transportation terms.

- The level of corruption in the rail transport process.

- The level of cargo safety during transportation.

- The convenience and simplicity of the technology for organizing transportation and exchange of documents with JSC Ukrzaliznytsia.

- How has the quality of rail transport changed in the past year?

“The creation of the Ukrzaliznytsia Customer Satisfaction Index is the most important step towards creating a KPI system for company’s management. This will not only enable us to track Ukrzaliznytsia’s dynamics in terms of customer focus but also to determine the most critical focus points for the management through regular feedback from customers,” CFTS Consulting’s head Andrii Shkliar said.