The Center for Transport Strategies (CFTS) has issued the third edition of its Transport Book 2018, an information guide on transport and infrastructure in Ukraine. Transport Book 2018 includes all the best elements of the previous handbooks plus updated data.

"For us, the Transport Book is an attempt to once again analyze the data and trends that form a picture of the development of the transport business in the country and bring them together in a convenient format," CFTS Director Serhii Vovk said.

Previously, the focus was on railways and seaports. However, CFTS experts devote a separate section to the aviation industry in the new edition.

The handbook contains more than 300 trends and 3,600 facts that provide a comprehensive and systematic review of cargo traffic and the basic indicators of Ukraine’s transport infrastructure.

In accordance with tradition, unique and detailed data prepared by experts at the Center for Transport Strategies based on seven years of experience of implementing consulting projects with leading railway and port business operators and international financial institutions form the basis for the Transport Book 2018. A full version of Transport Book 2018 is available in English.

The Ferrexpo company is the general partner for the Transport Book 2018.

The Lemtrans company is the partner for the railway section.