Several changes to Ukraine’s Road Traffic Rules concerning drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians entered into force on Wednesday, 25 November, the CFTS portal reports, citing the Interfax Ukraine news agency.

Previously, taxi drivers and passengers were not required to wear seat belts while driving through population centers, and driving instructors were not required to wear seat belts while driving outside population centers. Under the new rules, they are all required to wear seat belts.

"This rule obliges taxi drivers to ensure that there are seat belts in both the front and back seats and to remind passengers of the need to wear them. Only drivers and passengers with disabilities (if it is physiologically impossible for them to do so) and drivers and passengers of emergency and special vehicles are allowed not to fasten their seat belts in population centers," the news agency reports.

In addition, according to the new rules, it is prohibited to change the size, shape, markings, color, and location of license plates, make additional marks on them, or cover them. License plates must be clean and well lit.

The rule changes allow cyclists to travel in bus lanes.

Pedestrians must use reflective elements at night and in conditions of poor visibility. "At night and in conditions of insufficient visibility, pedestrians moving along the carriageway or its shoulder must use reflective elements (tape, sticker, vest, etc.) or wear clothes that have reflective elements. This is specified in Section 4.4 of the Road Traffic Rules of Ukraine," the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Affairs said in a statement.

As reported, the changes to the Road Traffic Rules were adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers on 11 November.