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New Road Construction Regulations Enter Into Force

The road design requirements drafted by the Ministry of Regional Development have entered into force.

First European-Registered Car Undergoes Customs Clearance In Ukraine Under New Rules

A car with German registration numbers has undergone customs clearance in the Chernivtsi region.

Infrastructure Ministry Sees No Reason For Number Of Ship Calls To Ukrainian Ports To Reduce Due To Martial Law

However, the period and thoroughness of inspections of ships could increase.

Poroshenko Signs Laws On Customs Clearance Of Foreign-Registered Cars

All the proceeds from customs clearance of such cars will be used to cover the Pension Fund’s deficit.

The incident in Kerch Strait: the positions of the participants of the conflict and the reaction of Ukraine

According to the Agreement Azov Sea and Kerch Strait are inland waters of Ukraine and Russia. Merchant vessels, as well as navy vessels, that are sailed under the flags of Russia and Ukraine have the right to proceed unhampered through Kerch Strait without the necessity to go through any permitting procedures.

Rada Approves Martial Law In 10 Regions

Martial law was imposed for 30 days.

Rada Increases Fine For Drunk Driving To UAH 17,000-51,000

However, the increase will enter into force only in 2020.

Rada Rejects Rail Transport Bill

The parliament has rejected the draft law No. 7316 entitled "On Rail Transport in Ukraine."

State Aviation Service Allows Heavy Drones to Fly without Prior Approval

Operation of drones over large crowds of people and densely built-up areas is still banned.

Kyiv to Host Global Conference on Infrastructure PPP

One of the key topics will be development of seaport Infrastructure through PPPs

Delays of Charter Flights: Ethics vs. Business

Delays or cancellations of charter flights are often viewed in terms of legal responsibility or its absence. Unfortunately, very few people view them in terms of business ethics.

Reshuffled Ukrzaliznytsia Supervisory Board Begins Work

The supervisory board held its first meeting on July 17

Ukraine Passes IMO Audit

International Maritime Organization audited Ukraine in the period from June 9 to 18.

Prevention of sea pollution or ecological terrorism?

“Sea defenders” act under familiar scheme: attendance the vessel – inspection report – request letter on vessel’s detention in the name of the harbor master.

Ukraine To Have Another International Airport

The length of the runway at the Poltava airport is 2.55 kilometers.

Ukrzaliznytsia To Introduce Corporate Governance System For Dependent Enterprises In February

The Ukrainian Railways PJSC began commercial operations in December 2015.

Ukrainian Railways Should Be Opened To Foreign Operators – Omelian

The draft law had not yet been adopted

Up To 1.5 Million Cars In Ukraine Have Foreign Numbers – Expert

The way to solve this problem is to lower the tax.

Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority To Simplify Contract Documentation In Accordance With FIDIC International Standards

FIDIC standards will create clear rules for international dredging and engineering companies

Police Identify Transit Routes For Trucks From Russia

Russia introduced the relevant restriction on 1 January 2016

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