The state-owned Yuzhny port has achieved a record speed while processing the Bulk China vessel. The Bulk China vessel with a cargo of anthracite coal from South Africa was processed at a berth at the Yuzhny port in 57 hours, the press service of the port announced.

The vessel was moored at the Yuzhny port’s berth No. 5. The vessel had a draft of nearly 17 meters and the water depth at the mooring berth is 18.5 meters.

According to the press service, about 82,000 tons of coal was unloaded at the berth. The average rate of unloading was 35,000 tons per day. The fast processing of the vessel was facilitated by Tucan high-tech gantry cranes, which the port acquired last year.

The loading of the unloaded coal onto wagons began on 8 December, 31,535 tons of coal had been loaded onto wagons as of 08:00 on 14 December, and 436 wagons have already been sent to the Tripolye thermal power plant.

The high speed of loading operations was prompted by the need to deliver the coal to the Centrenergo power company’s thermal power plants as quickly as possible.

The final processing of the vessel took place at the berth of the Transinvestservice company (TIS). The TIS company unloaded about 86,000 tons of coal from 8 to 12 December.

In total, 168,000 tons of coal was unloaded from 5 to 12 December. The combined average unloading rate was 28,300 tons per day.

"Unloading at two terminals in the waters of the same port is a rational decision because it allows replenishment of the stocks at power plants with coal within a short period," the CFTS-Consulting company said. According to estimates by analysts, the daily schedule for unloading coal at the Yuzhny and TIS terminals were 50 and 70 wagons, respectively. 

The coal is being delivered in accordance with a bilateral agreement for the supply of anthracite coal from South Africa, which the Centrenergo power company and the international trader Mercuria Energy Trading SA (Switzerland) concluded at the end of September.