The average cost of road repairs is UAH 12.23 million per kilometer, according to an analysis of the ten largest road contracts in 2017. The cost was calculated based on data published in the ProZorro electronic public procurement system. Natalia Forsiuk, the director of CoST Ukraine’s national secretariat, announced this in a column in the Novoye Vremya publication.

According to Forsiuk, the 10 largest contracts were worth a total of UAH 7.5 billion. She noted that eight of the 10 contracts that were analyzed were for routine moderate repairs and only two were for overhauls.

Excluding the contract for repair of the H-08 Highway in the Dnipropetrovsk region, under which the repair cost was significantly higher than the repair cost under other contracts (more than UAH 28 million per kilometer), the average repair cost for the nine other contracts is more than UAH 11.24 million.