The fees for using owners’ railcars have begun to fall in Ukraine, the ACEX Group Ukraine’s head Serhii Chaika has told RZhD-Partner.

"Due to a combination of economic and political circumstances, the situation on the market of railway services in Ukraine is somewhat different from the situation in Russia. A large amount of rolling stock has been released onto the free market from long-term contracts, as a result of which rates have begun to fall," said the expert.

Chaika explained that this information applies only to owners’ railcars.

The expert also noted that the fees for provision of rolling stock belonging to the Ukrainian Transport and Logistics Center have always been a subject of discussion in the industry because their main users are large companies with large volumes of cargo.

"The freight charges on railways are increasing here, but relatively steadily. All cargo owners take the planned increases that are constantly taking place into account in their calculations in advance,” Chaika concluded.