The head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, delivered a lecture on "Globalization and Capitalism" at the St. Petersburg State University on Tuesday. Rustem Adagamov published selected quotes from the lecture on his Facebook page. A few listeners also broadcast it on Twitter. 

Some of his remarks are very interesting because they provide a better understanding of the mentality and mindset of the current head of Russian Railways.

"The global oligarchy is gradually increasing its dominance with the help of world wars. There are many issues regarding every peace treaty."

"The Americans claim that they are performing the most important task of militarization of the entire planet through their shooters."

"Deprivation of national identity has an ultimate goal. It is to ‘microchip’ humankind, as Rockefeller said. He died mysteriously a year after this statement."

"Elimination of self-identity reduces nations to mere populations."

"Dear friends, I will tell you this: there is no free market competition anywhere in the world."

"Why did the USSR collapse? Workers came under Western ideology, which indulged in wishful thinking."

"Globalization is devoid of morality. In principle, there is no such concept in the English language."

"The dollar is not backed by anything. It is just an entry in an electronic account."

"Corruption is an integral part of globalization."

"It so happens that the family of my eldest son lives in the United Kingdom."

"Why did Western communist parties collapse? Workers in the West learned that they are the beneficiaries of the exploitation of workers in third countries."

"Only ignorant people can claim that Maidan was spontaneous."

"I apologize if you find contradictions in my lecture. Globalization itself is contradictory."