The volume of cargo transshipment through the Giurgiulesti International Free Port was 876.274 tons in 2016, which is 4% higher than the cargo transshipment volume in 2015.

According to the press service of the port, the volume of cargo transshipment in sea containers increased by 10% to 118.299 tons and the volume of transshipment of dry bulk cargo increased by 3% to 757.977 tons.

Exports of grain, oilseeds, and vegetable oil accounted for approximately 57% of the bulk cargo transshipped and imported petroleum products accounted for 34%. Agricultural goods were exported mainly by sea-going vessels from Giurgiulesti to European Union countries located in the Mediterranean basin. Petroleum products were imported mainly by vessels from countries in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean basin, as well as from Romania by river barges and European railways.

The total number of sea containers transshipped through the Giurgiulesti port and delivered to/from the port of Constanta by the Danube Logistics company increased by 3% to 8,200 in 2016. The number of containers of Moldovan export grain, wine, alcohol, vegetable oil, and other commodities increased by 25%. The main destinations for export of goods in containers from Giurgiulesti were Malaysia (32%), Myanmar (22%), Indonesia (13%), the United States (5%), and China (4%).

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, transportation of cargo containers by rail to Chisinau from the Giurgiulesti port and back was launched last summer. Previously, goods were transported exclusively by road. Now, one train replaces 40 trucks because it carries exactly that number of 28-ton containers at once.

The 7,986 containers that were transshipped through the Giurgiulesti port in 2015 were 3% more than the number transshipped through the port a year earlier. At the same time, container exports increased by 42%.

ICS Danube Logistics is the general investor in and operator of the Giurgiulesti port. The shareholders of ICS Danube Logistics are the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Danube Logistics Holding BV (Netherlands). The port was built on the shore of River Danube at the confluence of the Prut River near the village of Giurgiulesti. The Romanian port of Galati and the Ukrainian port of Reni are located in the immediate vicinity of the Giurgiulesti port.