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Pivdenmash To Supply 11 Trolleybuses To Moldova

The new trolleybuses will be able to operate autonomously without connecting to overhead lines.

Ukraine Imposes 5-Year Anti-Dumping Duties On Cement Imports From Russia, Belarus, And Moldova

It was established that cement from these countries was dumped on the Ukrainian market during the period of 2015-2018.

Ukrainian-Made Travel Security Kit For Protecting Air Passengers’ Baggage Being Exported To Kenya, Poland And Moldova

Talks also are being held with companies from Denmark, Tunisia and Colombia.

Moldovan Railways To Buy Locomotives From General Electric

The 12 diesel locomotives will be used for freight and passenger trains.

Moldovan Railway Launches Upgraded Chisinau-Odesa Train

The train is expected to be operated daily during the summer.

Threat To Odesa: Chisinau Airport Becomes Wizz Air’s 26th Base

The opening of the base created 35 new jobs.

Giurgiulesti Port Increases Transshipment By 4% In 2016

The total number of container transshipment increased by 3%

Transit Of Petroleum Products Through Ukraine Falls 6-Fold

The largest volume of transit diesel fuel was transported by rail from Belarus to Moldova.

Moldova Ready To Restore Railroad To Ukraine Bypassing Transnistria

Ukraine and Moldova will have a railway line that bypasses Transnistria

Ukraine And Moldova Allow Airlines To Make Overnight Layovers At Airports

Ukraine and Moldova agreed to prepare and sign a new air transport agreement between the governments

Saakashvili Seeking To Use Railway To Deprive Transnistria Separatists Of Funding

Restoration of the Berezino-Basarabeasca railway segment is a difficult project in terms of the speed of financial return

Moldova Puts Brakes On ‘Open Skies’ Agreement With Ukraine

Moldova demand some cessions for unhampered transit of its vehicles through the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine Attracting Moldova To Transport Corridor Between Three Seas

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure and the Moldovan Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure have held talks on including the Moldovan railway in the transport corridor between the Baltic, Black, and Caspian Seas.

Another Country To Implement ‘Open Skies’ With Ukraine By 1 October

An agreement on liberalization of flights between Ukraine and Moldova should be signed within the next two months.

Moldova Proposes New Transit Corridor Bypassing Ukraine For Transporting Iranian Cargoes

The Moldovan Railways intends to become part of a new Iran-EU transit corridor. The leadership of the state-owned Moldovan Railways signed the relevant protocol at a meeting in Constanta.

Container Export Through Giurgiulesti Port Increases By 42% In 2015

Container traffic through the Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti increased by 3% to 9,912 TEU and container exports through it increased by 42% in 2015, compared with 2014.

Moldova To Create Maritime Agency Based On Giurgiulesti Port Captain's Office

The Moldovan Ministry of Transport has presented draft amendments that provide for reorganization of the "Moldova Water Registry" and the "Giurgiulesti Port Captain's Office" to create the Moldovan Maritime Agency.

Tesla’s First Charging Stations In Moldova and Ukraine To Appear In 2016

Tesla Motors, an American manufacturer electric cars, plans to build a Supercharger charging station in Chisinau (Moldova) before the end of 2016. The same point is to appear in Ukraine this year.

Moldova To Repair Highway To Giurgiulesti Port By August

Moldova’s Transport Minister Iurie Chirinciuc has inspected the progress of the repair works on a segment of the Chisinau-Giurgiulesti national highway, which is being performed by Pa & Co International (Romania).

Ukrzaliznytsia To Restore Rail Links With Moldova, Bypassing Transnistria

Ukrainian and Moldovan railways are planning to implement a project involving construction of a railway between Berezino and Bessarabka (Basarabeasca) and overhaul of the railway between Artsyz and Berezino.

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