Poland is interested in high-speed rail links between Warsaw and Lvov and between Kiev and Warsaw, Paweł Kopczyński, the head of the rail transport department at the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, said in an interview with the CFTS portal.

"But the issue of investment in the infrastructure of such an expensive project arises. It must be remembered that this amount is about EUR 15 billion. We are not abandoning this project but saying that it is necessary to study its economics. It is important to us for there to be high-speed rail links between our two countries, not only to Lvov, but also to Kiev. However, it is necessary to solve the problem of funding," Kopczyński said.

Ireneusz Mayher, an adviser to the Polish Minister of Transport, believes that the relevant passenger traffic is already emerging because Ukrainians are the largest group of foreign students in Poland (about 40,000). Secondly, economic ties between the two countries will develop, and this will help justify these investments.

Kopczyński expressed confidence that there should be no problem financing such a project when Ukraine joins the European Union. "There will be a fund, with the help of which we will be able to implement this project. We will definitely come back to it when there is money. I believe that Ukraine will join the European Union. I proved this to the Germans back in 1997," he said.