Three Capesize-class vessels docked at the Illichivsk Commercial Seaport in March to be loaded with iron-ore concentrate belonging to the Metinvest Holding. The intensity of the loading operation increased to a new record with the call of each of the vessels. The press service of the seaport announced this in a statement.

"During the loading of the first ore carrier, the Anangel Astronomer, dock workers set the port record of 18,000 tons per day. The second Capesize vessel was also processed at the average intensity of 20,000 tons per day. In some shifts, the volume of iron-ore concentrate loaded onto the Anangel Mariner reached 25,000 tons," the statement said.

The seaport used a new scheme during the processing of the large-tonnage vessels: part of the iron-ore concentrate was loaded onto the ships at the berths of the Terminals 1 and 2 and the ships were then loaded to their full drafts in the roads in the port area.