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Risoil Announces Full Launch Of Two-Sided Pier In Chornomorsk Port

After its commissioning, the two-sided pier’s ability to simultaneously handle different types of cargo on both sides was tested successfully.

Chornomorsk Port’s Terminals Being Readied For Concession Tenders

The port’s terminal No. 1, container terminal, and terminal No. 5 are being readied for concession tenders.

ADM’s Oilseed Processing Plant Resumes Operation In Chornomorsk Port

The company was forced to suspend the operations of the plant and its port terminal in Odesa in February 2022.

Pivdennyi And Chornomorsk Ports Resume Operation Following Attacks On Odesa Region’s Energy Facilities

The seaports are also using alternative power sources for their operations.

IMO Approves Changes To Traffic Separation Schemes For Ports Of Greater Odesa

This will improve the system of vessel routes in the northwestern part of the Black Sea and bring it in line with the system of established routes implemented at the international level.

Risoil Releases Information About Progress Of Construction Of Unique Pier In Chornomorsk Port

The launch of the pier will increase cargo turnover and budget revenues and mark the beginning of a new stage in the port's development.

12 Ships Leave Greater Odesa Ports On Monday Under ‘Grain Initiative’

The "grain corridor" continues to operate.

UN-Chartered Ship Enters Chornomorsk Port To Load Grain

The ship will depart for Somalia after being loaded with wheat.

Third Ship Chartered By UN Enters Ukrainian Port To Load Grain For Africa

It is one of the ships chartered by the UN World Food Program to transport grain.

Risoil Resumes Construction Of Unique Pier In Chornomorsk Port

The pier has reached 80% completion.

Ship Arrives In Ukrainian Port For Loading For First Time Since 24 February

The bulk carrier arrived from Turkey.

Ukraine is waiting for a signal from the UN and Turkey to start the grain transportation, - Zelensky

The President of Ukraine made a visit to Chornomorsk.

Preparations For Shipment Of Grain Begin In Chornomorsk, Odesa, And Pivdennyi Seaports

Preparatory work is being performed to ensure the loading and shipment of grain and related cargoes.

Export Of Ukrainian Grain To Begin At Chornomorsk Seaport

The passage of ships through a "grain corridor" from the ports of Odesa and Pivdennyi will begin later.

USPA Announces Formation Of Ship Caravans To Ports Of Odesa, Chornomorsk, And Pivdennyi

The USPA also announced the preparation of these ports for resumption of operation.

ZIM Adds Chornomorsk Port To Vehicle Carrier Service From China And South Korea

The cargo shipping company launched a new monthly ro-ro service on 8 February.

Infrastructure Ministry, EBRD, And USPA Sign Agreement On Preparation Of Concession Projects In Chornomorsk Port

The preparation of projects will be financed jointly by the EBRD and the USPA.

First Batch Of Containers Transported From Chornomorsk To Slawków By Rail

To facilitate the launch of this route, the USPA reconstructed the railway track in the port of Chornomorsk in record time.

Transshipment Of Liquefied Gas Resumes In Chornomorsk Seaport

The third vessel carrying liquefied gas entered the port this year, after a break of three years.

Chornomorsk Port Expects Record Cargo-Handling Volumes This Year

The volume of cargo transshipment at the Chornomorsk seaport has been increasing for the past three years.

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