The Ministry of Infrastructure, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has launched a pilot project involving the use of an intelligent transport system for weighing vehicles in motion (weigh-in-motion or WiM). Details of the project were considered during a meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure on October 19, which was attended by representatives of the Office for Reform Support, the State Road Service (Ukravtodor), the National Police, the Kyiv regional administration, and the State Transport Safety Agency (Ukrtransbespeka), the ministry announced.

The WiM complex will allow detection of overloaded vehicles in a flow of vehicles and transmission of information about them to Ukrtransbespeka inspectors at mobile control points located further along the road.

The inspectors will then stop the overloaded vehicles to perform control weighing.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Ukravtodor previously discussed the possibility of purchasing WiM systems with the EBRD and identified five places for locating them initially: on the outskirts of Kyiv and on the highways M-01, M-05, M-06, M-07, and H-01.

Separately, the Ministry of Infrastructure has instructed Ukravtodor to determine places throughout Ukraine for future location of the ramps on which photo and video recording devices and road-traffic analysis instruments will be installed. In the future, the agency will include the cost of installation of similar ramps in the cost estimates for construction and reconstruction of roads.

The Ministry of Infrastructure’s Reform Support Office and Ukravtodor have prepared a proposal on installation of 500 cameras in places of concentration of traffic accidents on national roads by the year 2020. In addition, they plan to place 24 systems for measuring the average speed of vehicles on international roads. This issue is currently being discussed with the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Separately, the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Ukrposhta portal company are continuing work on sending photographs and videos of traffic violations.